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Easy Camper And Time Out Camper - Motorcycle And Small Car Pullable Camping Trailers 


The Easy Camper and Time Out Camper trailers are motorcycle towable camping trailers that are designed to be pulled by your motorcycle or small car. Both models have a small profile while you are pulling them, but when set up, provide you with a spacious camper for two people.

If that isn't enough room, you can attach the optional screen room for an additional 108 square feet.


Both models can be set up in about 3 minutes, and give you a spacious living area that is completely off the ground - the tent doesn't get muddy, and the floor stays dry.


The Easy Camper and the Time Out Camper both sleep 2 people. The Easy Camper offers all the time-tested features of the Time Out Camper, including the same sleeping comforts, with a more modest living area and at a lower price.

The larger Time Out model gives you more room in the middle interior section allowing you to attach the optional table. Both models give you enough room to stand while dressing. When closed, both models have the same exterior dimensions giving you the same storage capacity under the bed.

Many options are available including coolers, a screen room, a luggage bag, light bar and other options.


Canadian customers please note: these trailers are also certified for use in Canada, and the inspection fee normally required for a U.S. manufactured trailer is not required but not guaranteed as each customs official is different.  Our labels are french & english as required.


Easy Camper Model Pull Behind Camper


    Features/Specifications - Easy Camper

  • Construction is steel frame with aluminum side panels
  • Available colors are white and black
  • Quick set-up in about 3 minutes
  • Bed with air mattress, bed dimensions are 54 inches wide x 6.5 ft. long
  • 16 cubic feet storage capacity under the bed
  • Enough room to stand while dressing
  • Available in either white or black (stripes are not included but can be as  an option
  • Comes with a wiring harness
  • 1 7/8 inch ball coupler on tongue
  • Weight is 325 lbs.
  • Trailer wheel rim diameter is 8 inches
  • Total length is 104 inches
  • Box length is 65 inches
  • Towing height is 31 inches
  • Width is 43 inches
  • Cargo volume is 16 cubic feet
  • Maximum cargo weight capacity is 450 lbs.
  • Tongue weight is 20 lbs.
    *  The Easy Camper does not have an A/C vent or smoke colored windows.
  • Price is $3,395.00
  • Options - see option list below


Time Out Model Pull Behind Camper 

     Features/Specifications - Time Out Camper

  • Construction is steel frame with aluminum side panels
  • Available colors are white and black
  • Built-in interior storage protects your gear while on the go
  • Camper sets up easily in about 3 minutes
  • Large sleep area for two people, with plenty of ventilation
  • The Time Out Camper (not the Easy Camper) Units now have air conditioning vent installed in the tent  so you can insert your own portable air conditioner, the opening is 14 inches high by 24 inches wide and has a draw string to close the opening tight around the airconditioner. We recommend a 5200 BTU unit or larger; power will be required, these 110 volt models are available at large discount stores. 
  • Bed dimensions are 54 inches wide x 6.5 ft. long
  • For wet days, slip in the two plastic windows to keep the rain out
  • The Time Out Camper comes with a table and chair and has room in living area in addition to sleeping area.  The Easy Camper comes with an air mattress only.
  • Living area is completely off the ground - the tent doesn't get muddy, and the floor stays dry
  • The interior's middle is more than six and one half feet tall so you can stand up
  • Trailer is available in either black or white
  • Sleeping platform is wood, camper comes with an air mattress
  • Trailer comes with wiring harness, and 1 7/8 inch ball coupler
  • Comes with a table that mounts to trailer floor, and with a chair
  • Trailer wheel rim diameter is 8 inches
  • Trailer weight is 345 lbs.
  • Total length is 104 inches, box length is 65 inches, width is 43 inches
  • Towing height is 31 inches
  • Tongue weight is 20 lbs.
  • Cargo volume is 16 cubic feet
  • Maximum cargo weight capacity is 450 lbs.

 Time Out Camper Trailer - Price is $3,895.00

  • Options For Easy Camper And Time Out Camper

    If you order any of these accessories at the same time you order a camper there is no shipping charge - otherwise plus shipping
  • Cooler Package: Cooler package attaches to front on tongue of trailer, consists of  cooler with molded cooler holder that fits on top of trailer tongue, gives  front of trailer a nice aerodynamic look - Price is $319.00


  • Cooler Package With Lights: Same as above but with running lights built into side  of molded cooler holder - Price is $349.00


    Cooler Cover: This is a naugahyde bag that covers the cooler. The bag has a snap on flap that still gives you access to cooler but hides sides of cooler, so you don't see bungee cords that hold cooler to trailer, and you don't have to pull the cover off completely to get into the cooler. - Price is $89.00
    Screen Room: Screen room attaches to end of living space on Timeout and Easy Camper models. Screen room adds 6 ft. to length of living area, and is 12 ft. wide. Screen room doesnot have floor and is at ground level - Price is $759.00
    L-shaped Awning: L-shaped awning comes out from living space 6 1/2 ft., out from one side of camper 6 1/2 ft. and 12 ft. down the side of the camper, gives you shade on side of camper, made of canvas, comes with adjustable awning poles, weight of canvas awning about 10 lbs., weight of poles 10 lbs. (20 lbs. total) - Price is $299.00
    Awning: Standard type awning, gives you shade on end of camper from living space, wt. approximately 10 lbs. - Price is $169.00
    Luggage Bag: Dimensions are 40"x26"x12" This is a water resistant bag that covers any luggage strapped to top of trailer - Price is $149.00
    Sleeping Cushion With Storage Bag: 2 inch thick foam cushion to lay on sleeping platform if you don't want to use an air mattress (an air mattress is included with trailers). Cushion includes storage bag and is stored on top of trailer on luggage rack - Price is $259.00
    Spare Tire And Carrier: Optional spare tire (8 inch diameter rims) and carrier to bolt tire to trailer, on Time Out and Easy Camper models the spare tire bolts to the bottom side of the tongue underneath the box of the trailer Price is $75.00
    Air Conditioning Stand: The canvas on only the Time Out Camper (not the Easy Camper) has a covered flap hole in the side to accomodate a standard small size portable air conditioner. The A/C stand allows you to hold the airconditioner at the right height for use - Price is $119.00
    Maxams Hub Caps: Spoke style hubcaps, these hubcaps are for 8 inch diameter rims and can be used on rims with the smooth surface on the inside (no ridges required to hold the cap in place), these hub caps are black plastic, with chrome color inside the spokes - Price is $29.00 each
    Baby Moon Hub Caps: Baby Moon style hubcaps for 8 inch diameter rims, hubcaps are chrome, these require a rim with the raised spots on the inside to hold them in place - Price is $39.00 each
    Both hubcap styles above work on the Time Out And Easy Camper Model Trailers
    Chair: For Easy Camper, nylon fold up type camping chair (same as comes standard with Time Out model camper) - Price is $19.00
    Table: For Easy Camper - map table (same as comes standard with Time Out Trailer) - Price is $110.00 (if you want an extra to be used outside, also order tripod attachment below)
    Table Tripod: Tripod used for Map Table accessory when you want to use this table as a free standing table outside - Price is $69.00
    Fiberglass Light Bar: Light bar mounts on back of trailer to dress it up and give you added visibility down the road - Price is $279.00
    Trailer Cover - Camper/Cooler Cover: Nylon cover large enough to cover campers with cooler package option - Price is $119.00
    Trailer Cover - Camper Cover: Nylon cover for campers that don't have the cooler package option - Price is $99.00
    Air Conditioner Stand: Holds portable air conditioner you provide, so you can insert it in the air conditioning vent hole in the camper top canvas - Price is $109.00. The Easy Camper does not have the A/C vent available. 
    Hitches: Hitches are available for most makes of bikes, let us know year, and model of bike - Prices vary from $100.00 to $379.00 depending upon bike
    Swivel Coupler: Swivel coupler allows movement 360 degrees, (standard ball coupler allows movement of about 20 degrees which is okay for most applications depending upon your bike), for the most cornering angle and guaranteed no twist on hitch when bike is on side stand, swivel coupler is good accessory, one end of the coupler bolts on one end of our 2 inch tubing trailer tongue, and the other end of the coupler bolts to the 1 7/8 ball hitch coupler, adding the Swivel Coupler adds 4 inches to the total length of the trailer tongue - Price is $169.00
    Cooler Rack - $69.00 or Adjustable Cooler Bracker - $55.00
    Coupler Locks: Coupler locks help prevent trailer theft - Price is $15.00 each
    Bearing Buddies: Bearing caps that give you an easy way to grease trailer bearings - Price is $15.00 per set
    Electric Brakes: Electric trailer brakes, increase safety and stopping power, comes complete, easier to order these at time of order of camper as they will be factory installed, however, they can be added later, includes controller, brake units, different hubs and wiring harness - Price is $495.00
    No extra shipping charge on trailer accessories ordered with a trailer. Accessories ordered separately, are plus shipping 

    Hint: If you lose the instructions and don't know how to wire the pig tail on the bike, on a new trailer, the wires are as follows:


    The Wiring Schematic that we use is:
    Pin 1 - Yellow Wire - Left Turn Signal
    Pin 2 - Green Wire - Right Turn Signal
    Pin 3 - Brown Wire - Running Lights
    Pin 4 - Red Wire - Brake Lights
    Pin 5 - White Wire - Ground 


         If the unit is used and the lights don't work after you have wired the pig tail that goes on the bike, then pull both plugs apart and make sure both sets of wires match on each end.