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Building Quality Trailers since 1974

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The Wiring Schematic that we use is:
We are now using 5 wire flat plug wiring to be more compatible with 4 and 5 wire vehicles.  We also use ALL RED lights on all trailers except for the Zephyr, Blade and XL models.
**  If requested....we can still use a 5 wire round plug. 
The bike end harness comes with your new trailer purchase as well.
Pin 1 - Yellow Wire - Left Turn Signal
Pin 2 - Green Wire - Right Turn Signal
Pin 3 - Brown Wire - Running Lights
Pin 4 - Red Wire/Blue Wire - Brake Lights
Pin 5 - White Wire - Ground
Five wire flat plug - vehicle side looks like this and sells for $10 plus shipping of $4
5 wire flat trailer side end plug looks like this and also sells for $10 plus shipping of $4 or purchase both sides for $19 plus the same $4 shipping.
For trailers with the 5 wire roung plug we used to use it was like this: