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Building Quality Trailers since 1974

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Cargo Trailers - We have a total of 12 models available with pricing, storage space and styling to fit your demands. 
For you loyal Cycle Mate customers - Time Out purchased the CMT Manufacturing company back in Dec. 2005 and have been manufacturing the same models (with many upgrades) ever since. 
        Cargo Brochure as pdf            Cargo Brochure as Power Point.
With our torsion suspension system, you're guaranteed a smooth ride while the low weight means you'll hardly notice your trailer even on the longest trips.


Room for golf clubs, clothes, gear, or whatever and the trailer adds to your visibility and safety.


The cost is right, the appearance is great and the storage space is just what you need. Hitch on a Time Out cargo trailer before your next trip.


Here's the pdf file (click the colored box)and a list with names and base prices and all options (it's 3 pages!):
CM1000        $1,495.00  

shown with roof rack, maxam hubcaps, tongue stand, trim and bumper options

CM2000        $1,595.00  
                                     shown as the basic model
CM LTD         $1,795.00  
                                    Base price includes options except for hubcaps
Dart  $1,995.00   
shown with enclosed cooler, color match, roof rack, chrome wheels and trim package options below:




Slipstream     $2,195.00  
shown with roof rack and trim options
XL1800         $2,395.00   
                                         shown with roof rack, chrome wheels, trim package options
XL HD    $2,395.00 
 shown with roof rack, enclosed cooler pkg., chrome wheels, and trim package options
Zephyr          $2,495.00    
                                        shown with chrome wheels option



Blade - $2,595.00 

Shown above with cooler rack and aluminum wheels.



Ion - $ 1,995.00 

                          Shown above with aluminum wheels.