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Motorcycle Cargo trailer Bra Trailer Bra

Trailer bra's are similar is shape and design for each trailer. The photo is an example of the cycle mate 2000. The Bra looks similar on all other trailers. The trailer bra protects your trailer from rocks and debris on the road. The trailer bra is made from quality Naugahyde.

Cooler rack kit to fit tongue of motorcycle trailer Cooler Rack Kit

The cooler rack kit offers great versatility between bike and trailer. Designed to be carried on the tongue of your trailer or easily moved to be mounted on your bike. Working with a vertical hitch, the hitch insert allows you to carry the cooler on the motorcycle when not pulling a trailer.

Coupler Lock

PRICE: $15.00
Bearing Buddies


PRICE: $15.00
Baby moon hub caps Baby Moons


PRICE: $39.00
Jack Stand

This is an adjustable in height jack stand up to 12".  It is steel and powder coated black and folds back/under your trailer tongue.

PRICE: $39.00
8" Hub caps for wheels Hub Caps - Maxam


PRICE: $39.00
8" Spare Tire 8" Spare Tire

White wheel - 4 lug and 4.80x8

PRICE: $49.00
Fender Bra for pull behind motorcycle cargo trailers Fender Bra

Fender Bras are for dart and XL cargo trailers only.

PRICE: $59.00
Adjustable Cooler Rack

The adjustable cooler rack bolts on to the tongue of the trailer.  You can slide the racks as close together as far apart as needed to carry your favorite cooler with you on the road.

PRICE: $59.00
Igloo cooler Cooler

PRICE: $69.00
12" Spare Tire

12" Spare Tire - 4 lug white wheel  4.80x12

PRICE: $69.00
Cooler Cover for Cooler Rack Kit

Camper cover allows access to your cold drinks while still covering your cooler.

PRICE: $89.00
Cooler Cover for Dart/XL trailers

Naugahyde cover with zipper around the top and snaps at the bottom.  Made to fit the Open Cooler Package for the Dart and XL line cargo trailers.

PRICE: $89.00
Motorcycle Cargo Trailer cover for Time Out Trailers Trailer Cover

Elastic bottom for custom fit for each trailer.
Trailer covers protect from UV rays dirt and dust.
Great for storing trailers during winter months.

PRICE: $99.00
Swivel Coupler for motorcycle trailer Swivel Coupler

PRICE: $179.00
Cargo Trailer LED Spoiler LED Spoiler

Wing eye LED trailer spoiler.
Ultra bright LED stop light spoiler.
Light weight aluminum.

PRICE: $249.00
Electric Brakes

PRICE: $495.00

The simplest way to get your Cargo accessories installed is to order them at time of purchase of your Cargo trailer. They will be professionally installed by our factory. Plus you will not be charged more for shipping. We can fit all your accessories on or inside your trailer when we ship it to you. If you still want to add on anything after your purchase we will ship it to you with ready to install instructions. If you require more help then our videos or instructions please give us a call at 800-600-7671. We can help walk you through or point you to the information you need.