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5 wire flat trailer side plug 5 wire round trailer plug set Bike Side 5 wire round harness
The bike end harness comes with your new trailer purchase as well.
Pin 1 - Yellow Wire - Left Turn Signal
Pin 2 - Green Wire - Right Turn Signal
Pin 3 - Brown Wire - Running Lights
Pin 4 - Red Wire/Blue Wire - Brake Lights
Pin 5 - White Wire - Ground

More Information
5 wire round trailer plug set.  Vehicle side and trailer side This is the 5 wire round plug with wires attached for the bike side.
Harley Davidson wiring 1997-2013 for motorcycle trailer Motorcycle wiring Isolator kit for trailers Harley Davidson wiring 2014 and newer models
Isolator Kit
PRICE: $79.00
This plug in kit has 5 wires to connect directly to your 5 wire harness on your trailer and plugs in under the seat. 1997-2010 plus 2011-3013 (most models). Make sure your plug is a rectangular plug and not oval. Oval plugs will not work on this one.
This Isolator plugs into a Sub Harness that is designed specifically for each motorcycle.
Please locate the correct Sub Harness for your Bike, by make, year and plug.

This plug in kit is for the 2014 and newer bikes and connects to the Can Bus Module which connects to the Isolator. All 3 pieces are necessary to make a 5 wire trailer work properly with the 2014 bikes. (Isolator, Sub Harness and Can Bus Module)


If you need help figuring out how to wire anything we have a useful information tab for those common questions about our trailers. We have a whole section on how to wire your trailer to your bike. Just make sure you are ordering the right wiring for your bike. Look by year model and prong number (either 4 or 5).