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Shipping weight and dimension information.

Time Out or Easy Camper

The dimensions of the campers when shipped are 72"x48"x39" and boxed/crated weight is 510#
If a cooler pkg. is shipped it is "usually" banded on top of the camper crate and dimensions are 42"X39"x18" and weight is 40#.

Dart/XL1800/XL1500/XL HD
The dimensions of the trailers alone when shipped (without cooler packages) are 69"x48"x39" and weight is 450 ponds.

If a cooler package is on the frame then the dimensions are 104"x48"x39" at 500 lbs.

The Cycle Mate trailers are boxed and dimensions are 59"x45"x34" and each trailer is shipped at 250 lbs.