Time Out Trailers History
Building Quality Trailers Since 1974

Time Out was founded in 1974. Our first trailer was a 5' x 7' platform with poles to support tent. We were the founders of motorcycle camper trailers. Many competitors have come and gone yet we still are competing. You can trust the name that started it all. Time Out has grown considerably since our start so long ago, we now have three campers and four cargo trailers. Our campers have gone through many changes to get to the point where we are today. they are much larger and simpler to set up with options and features that we never thought of in 1974.

Time Out had humble beginnings, in fact our first camper was built in a garage! Today's campers are built with much more precision in our factory located in a prestigious industrial park. As a Time Out customer have come to know we will be here to help them in the future. We stand behind our products and have earned our good reputation by taking care of our great customers by providing a quality product.

Time Out Trailers is a family owned business, founded by Keith Snelson who is now deceased. Currently owned and operated by son-in-law Blake Walters and daughter Julie Walters. Time Out Trailers believes in the family and has always employed our own family and friends. Let us share our love and excitement for family and the outdoors with you.

Feel free to call us with questions or for more information at 574-294-7671